Are you thinking you have missed the chance to remodel your kitchen for the holidays? Think again. At Merrimack Stone, it’s all about time. Specifically, your time.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to better serve our customers. When it comes to kitchen renovations, they’re typically disruptive, stressful and takes too long. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Time Is Precious.

You CAN have new kitchen cabinets and countertops in HALF the time of a typical remodel. Yes – save weeks and get your new kitchen sooner!

time to install stone counters

No Hand-Off – One Installer for Fast and Easy Installation

By getting both your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen countertops from Merrimack Stone, you reduce the number of parties involved, resulting in a well-coordinated timeline for cabinet installation, templating and countertop installation. Bottom line: You save time!

Never Compromise Quality

While saving time is important to most of our customers, we understand that compromising on choices and quality should not be a tradeoff. That is why we offer you a wide range of high-quality cabinet styles and designs, as well as a wide selection of beautiful natural stones, quartz and porcelain to meet your budget, timeline and look.

Some of our beautiful American-made cabinets are available in as quickly as three weeks! We will work with you to help you choose from cabinets and countertops for a coordinated look and a timeline that meets your goals.

It’s Not too Late

We are ready to meet with you to make your dreams come true in 2021. Contact us to get your new kitchen ready for the holidays. You are right on time.

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