The Scandinavian countries have a wonderful concept called hygge: it describes a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of well-being and the contentment of taking pleasure in the presence of pleasant soothing things. It doesn’t really have a translation in English, but our word ‘hug’ is derived from hygge. Other northern nations, where winter daylight is in short supply, have similar notions; the Scottish call it còsagach which translates to feeling snug, sheltered and warm.

Over the past 5 years, the notion of hygge has crept into American awareness with many of us looking for ways to bring this coziness into our homes as we find ourselves facing a long New England winter. As we head into the coziest time of year, we are seeing customers preparing their homes for wintry weather, holiday gatherings and snuggly nights indoors.

Home improvement projects are in high demand this fall, and one of the top improvements for 2021 according to Thumbtack - an online home management platform - is the fireplace. As homeowners work to make their homes cozy for the winter, fireplace cleaning, repair and improvements have increased over 80% this year.

If you’ve been cozying up your living space and are considering changing up your fireplace surround, Merrimack Stone can help you make that happen in time for the holidays. We have beautiful natural stone, quartz and porcelain options to make your fireplace a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming spot in your home.

Gathering around the hearth and snuggling by a glowing fire makes festive celebrations feel extra special and cozy. Visit our showroom and let’s get that fireplace project underway now, before the holiday season is in full swing.

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