Planning a new kitchen requires homeowners to do some homework. Most of us have had the same kitchen for years and styles, designs and options change constantly. There are a lot of new ideas to explore.

We’ve gathered a few emerging kitchen trends to offer some fresh ideas to help plan your new kitchen.

  1. Color - We’re seeing homeowners choosing kitchen countertop surfaces that make a statement. The all-white kitchen is giving way to bolder colors. Specifically, green. Natural stones in beautiful greens inspired by and cut from nature have been in demand this year. The range of green tones is wide, from lime to bottle green to khaki. But green is the go-to color for kitchens.
  2. Partitions and broken plans - After years of open-plan design that left the kitchen visible to everyone, the recent shifts in how we use the space in our homes has homeowners looking for separation of space in the home. There are two ways this is happening: partitions or the “broken plan”.
    • Partitions - Partitions can allow the sounds and smells of the kitchen to be contained. It also gives the kitchen some quiet and privacy when it is being used for things other than food prep. A glass partition – a glass wall or French doors as examples – allows light in while still offering some seclusion from the rest of the house. It can separate spaces without compromising on light or the feeling of togetherness.
    • Broken Plan - A broken plan turns a home into zones. This is another adaptation based on our changing use of the space in our homes. Creating zones allows you to hold onto the feel of an open plan, while creating smaller spaces and nooks that are used for work, relaxation and entertaining. The design is achieved by employing screens, freestanding furniture, plants and cabinetry to separate and create zones.
  3. Add vintage - Our homes are less formal now than they were in our parents’ time. Using vintage furniture and items in the kitchen creates a warm, lived-in environment that puts guests at ease. A vintage farmhouse kitchen table or antique hutch adds character and a timeless feel to the kitchen.
  4. Simple and functional - Kitchen cabinets with push open mechanisms rather than hardware are becoming much more common. The technology allows you to get rid of cabinet hardware on both wall and base cabinets. If push open cabinets aren’t for you, the alternative of recessed handles offers a similar, sleek look. Removing or streamlining the hardware allows the cabinetry to be a focal point in your kitchen.

These ideas can be incorporated into your plans as you decide what you need, what you want and what you love for your new kitchen.

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