Like most family-run businesses, we get caught up in the day to day, working hard in our craft fabricating stone so our customers are completely happy with the final product. Also like many family-owned businesses, we operate like a family, with many team members whom we have known for decades. While technically not everyone is family, it sure feels that way. We’re passionate about what we do and committed to doing our best.

We carefully select the natural stone, quartz and porcelain we carry. At the end of the day, one of our primary capabilities is fabrication; converting stone slabs into a wide variety of finished products including kitchen countertops, fireplace and shower surrounds, walls, furniture tops, etc. When the fabrication is complete, we install the final product and move on. Rinse and repeat.

Taking a Step Back

Sometimes we get so focused on the tasks and caught up in the details of a project that we may not even notice the reveal. We know what the slabs look like from quarry to fabrication to its final home, but we lose the ‘reveal moment’.

This moment happened on a recent project as we were completing the installation work at a beautiful, new apartment complex in a Boston suburb. Our role in this large project included the installation of the kitchen countertops and the bathroom vanity tops as well as fireplace surrounds, counters, backsplashes and wall cladding in the elegantly appointed common areas.

We finished our work, and this time we did not miss the moment. When our work was done, we stepped back, took a deep breath and soaked in our surroundings and the results of our labor. It took our breath away. We are so proud of our work and proud to have been part of the team that created this beautiful new complex that many will call ‘home’.

Browse photos of some of our other finished projects in our Gallery, then visit our showroom to see in person the beautiful natural stone, quartz and porcelain we offer so you, too, can start planning your own reveal.

Our work is our passion, and we love making homeowners happy with beautiful stone for their projects, whether for new construction or a renovation. Stop by our showroom. We’d love to see you.

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