The kitchen is everyone’s first stop. After work, after school or after sports, everyone lands in the kitchen needing a snack, sharing news of the day and reconnecting. This warm hub of the house is where the family comes together, so designing your new kitchen to be family-friendly will make your home more inviting. These family-friendly features are also on many homebuyers’ wish list, so they will enhance your comfort and add value to your home. A win-win.

Top five family-friendly kitchen design elements:

  1. Hardworking Countertops
    Busy families use their countertops: cooking meals, doing homework, entertaining, working on projects, and even setting up a work from home space, the countertop needs to handle it all. You have great options when it comes to your countertops. Granite is a beautiful, durable natural stone that comes in many colors and designs. If you prefer a man-made surface, quartz also comes in a variety of colors and designs and can have the appearance of natural marble. Porcelain, another man-made stone, is also an option. It has qualities similar to quartz and results in a beautiful kitchen countertop. To learn more about these stones and see what might be best for your family’s need, your taste and your budget, review our comparison chart.
  2. Faucets
    There are several different faucets that help save time and effort:
    • Touchless faucets are the most familiar, making working in the kitchen easier by turning on the water when you need it. Touchless faucets also make it easier for younger children to wash their hands independently.
    • Pot fillers located over your stove save time and a lot of effort, making filling that pasta pot easier without having to lift it from the sink.
    • Instant boiling water faucets allow you to make coffee and tea faster. They also eliminate the need for a kettle – one less thing on your countertop or stovetop.
  3. An Island
    The island is the centerpiece of the family-friendly kitchen both functionally and aesthetically. To make it work best for the family, make sure it has ample room for food prep, plenty of seating and storage. Think about what will go underneath that beautiful island. There are many choices depending on what needs you prioritize. A wine fridge for entertaining, a pull out cabinet for the microwave – if you don’t use it every day this is a great way to gain more space elsewhere in the kitchen – or a charging cabinet for phones and tablets. Let your imagination guide you. A growing trend is multiple islands, should your space allow.
  4. A Pantry
    If you have the space, pantries are definitely on everyone’s wish list. A pantry can range from a large cabinet to a walk-in pantry to a hidden room. This space is for storage and will help remove some of the clutter in your kitchen. Depending on how large your pantry is, it can hold non-perishable food, table linens, staples and spices, and perhaps even your small appliances, taking some of the burden off your busy kitchen countertops.
  5. A Pet Station
    Tucked into a corner cabinet or under the island, a pet station for food and water is a handy and tidy way to look after the family pet. These are often either pull out or toe-kick opening and reveal a feeding station for your four-legged family member. When not in use, the station can be closed so the bowls are not visible and can’t be tripped on.

Whether you anticipate being in your home for decades or you are considering selling, a family-friendly kitchen will add comfort for you and your family and improve resale.

Visit our showroom to see our selection of kitchen countertop surfaces and cabinets. We’d love to help you create a new family-friendly kitchen that is tailored to your family’s needs. Link to the gallery to help them get inspired?

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