06 December 2022

The holidays are a time to reflect and, as we look back on 2022, we’re so pleased to have been part of so many beautiful kitchen renovations. We love the opportunity to work with homeowners and help them create beautiful new kitchens.

11 November 2022

Four Kitchen Design Trends on the Rise

As the holidays approach and 2022 winds down, designers are looking to the year ahead, and we’re seeing some fresh takes on what is in store for kitchen designs in 2023.

19 October 2022

Like most family-run businesses, we get caught up in the day to day, working hard in our craft fabricating stone so our customers are completely happy with the final product. Also like many family-owned businesses, we operate like a family, with many team members whom we have known for decades. While technically not everyone is family, it sure feels that way. We’re passionate about what we do and committed to doing our best.

16 September 2022

As homeowners visit our showroom to make choices for their upcoming kitchen renovations, we’re seeing some throwback trends. As the saying goes, what’s old is new again. We’re seeing a trend back to classic looks for color, style and design in the kitchen.

15 August 2022

Planning a new kitchen requires homeowners to do some homework. Most of us have had the same kitchen for years and styles, designs and options change constantly. There are a lot of new ideas to explore.

19 July 2022

We’ve focused a lot on helping our customers save time, making a home renovation project easier and simpler. Our customers cut a kitchen renovation project timeline in half by choosing Merrimack Stone and Cabinets for your new kitchen cabinets and one of our stone surfaces for your kitchen countertops. Yes – in half!

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