19 July 2022

We’ve focused a lot on helping our customers save time, making a home renovation project easier and simpler. Our customers cut a kitchen renovation project timeline in half by choosing Merrimack Stone and Cabinets for your new kitchen cabinets and one of our stone surfaces for your kitchen countertops. Yes – in half!

15 June 2022

Levain Bakery is one of those places that if you know it, you know it. And if you don’t know it, you should. The New York based bakery began in 1995, when Connie MacDonald and Pam Weekes – two friends with a love of baking – opened their first location. Their signature giant cookies, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and available in 5 flavors, are the reason people stand in line, but the bakery offers a delicious selection of other baked goods.

23 May 2022

How They Influence Your Choices

As you plan your kitchen renovation, the reasons for the renovation will guide and influence your design choices. Among the main reasons people renovate the kitchen are:

18 April 2022

While all we seem to be hearing about is high inflation, increasing grocery prices and the high cost of gas, we have a secret to help you save money this spring: Remnants!

08 March 2022

Our kitchens are evolving to accommodate our changing needs. How we cook, what we cook, and the tools and appliances we use to cook have changed in the past generation or two. Our kitchens, in addition to their traditional function, are now used as classrooms, offices, entertaining areas and the central hub of our day-to-day life. Adaptation was inevitable.

10 February 2022

There are lots of new design trends for 2022. As we’ve spent more time in our kitchens and designers have listened to what we like, there’re lots of trends to explore. Here are three 2022 design trends we’ve noticed.

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