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Commercial: Surfaces & Cabinets for Multi-Unit Developments

Merrimack Stone & Cabinets offers you one proven partner for both surfaces and cabinets for your condominium and apartment developments. We have the experience, expertise and sources to meet your project’s style, timeline and budget.

We leverage our decades of experience as quality fabricators combined with cabinetry sources from Vietnam and Italy to successfully compete with other cabinet installers.


For decades, we have fabricated and installed surfaces for commercial projects. Our core competency is fabricating and installing kitchen countertops and other surfaces including surrounds, flooring and vanities.

We offer a wide range of materials including granite and quartz to meet the style of your project. To meet architectural and interior design, brand name quartz is available.

Merrimack Stone & Cabinets Stone Surfaces
Merrimack Stone & Cabinets Stone Surfaces
Merrimack Stone & Cabinets Stone Surfaces


To meet designs and budgets, we offer a breadth of cabinets including framed and frameless. We are confident in our ability to be highly competitive in terms of price and selection and offer an experienced team for quality installation.

Commercial Framed cabinets


For framed cabinets, Merrimack Stone & Cabinets will not be beat on price. We offer beautiful solid wood cabinets for a beautiful, finished look.

Commercial Kitchen Frameless Cabinets


We’re a family-owned business and given our Italian heritage, we went back to the homeland to find our supplier for beautiful frameless cabinets.

We researched and secured a quality cabinetry source to provide an endless source of colors and designs to meet your project’s style and budget.

Why Merrimack Stone & Cabinets for Your Commercial Project?

  • Price.
  • Selection to meet architectural and interior design requirements.
  • Quality. We are quality craftsmen who get work done on time and on budget.
  • Proven. We have earned our reputation for honesty, dependability and reliability.
  • Efficiency. One partner to fabricate and install countertops, cabinetry and vanities.