Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 1 - Sketch

1. Make a Sketch

Take measurements of your kitchen and draft a sketch of the layout of your kitchen. We also encourage you to take photos of your kitchen from various angles. Making a sketch will be incredibly helpful for you as you choose your stone and for us as we help you configure your slab(s) to suit your kitchen. In addition to the sketch, the photos of your kitchen taken from several different angles will also help in the process.

2. Cabinet Selection

Kitchen cabinets typically need to be ordered well in advance of selecting the material for your kitchen countertops. However, at Merrimack Stone & Cabinets we make the process much easier and more convenient with quality cabinets made in America. We cut the lead time considerably too! If you are looking to meet with us about cabinets, please book an appointment with us. Cabinet appointments are approximately 2 hours.

Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 2 - Cabinet Selection
Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 3 - Material Search

3. Material Search

Learn about the materials here first. This is where you can find out about the properties and characteristics of different stones and determine which material is most suitable to your lifestyle and requirements. In addition to choosing which type of stone, you should also note the colors that you like for your project.

4. Material Selection

We recommend that you make an appointment to visit our showroom and browse our selection of natural stone, quartz and porcelain. Appointments are 1 hour. (If you choose to drop by we will do our best to accommodate you, but we must give priority to customers with appointments.) Bring your notes, pictures and sketches with you so you can see examples of the stones and colors you like.

If you want to view additional materials, we partner with a number of local distributors that you’re welcome to visit. Please contact the distributors directly to make an appointment.

Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 4 - Material Search
Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 5 - Creating a Template

5. Creating a Template

Once you’ve selected your countertop materials, we will make arrangements for one of our installers to visit your home. Cabinets need to be fully installed beforehand. At this time, the installer will take final measurements using state-of-the-art technology to finalize the measurements. Details about the sink and appliances are gathered and the desired edge must be finalized so that all measurements can be collected to fabricate your kitchen countertops. Please note that once the template is created, changes can delay your project and increase costs.

6. Post-Template & Layout

Once the template is created, we prepare the layout to maximize the yield within the slab and to consider design implications of the stone. Our professionals are highly skilled in this process. If you wish to participate in the template positioning, we can schedule a time for you to be present – in person or virtually – to finalize the layout. Positioning the template is when we finalize where seams (if any) will be placed. Our convenient virtual meetings offer you the ability to participate in the template layout process from the comfort of your home. If you choose to be part of this process, fabrication will not begin without your approval.

Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 6 - Post-Template and Layout
Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 7 - Fabrication

7. Fabrication

This step is when our team uses manufacturing processes and state-of the art technology to convert your slab(s) into your finished countertops, vanity top, fireplace surround, etc.

8. Installation

When fabrication of your stone is completed, we will coordinate with you to schedule your new kitchen countertop installation with one of our crews. Depending on the size of your project, this could take as little as an hour or a full day.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll do a walkthrough with you so we can be sure you are fully satisfied with the installation.

*Please note that for the safety of the installation crew, a clear path of entry must be maintained for our installers throughout the entire installation process.

Merrimack Stone - Planning Your Kitchen Renovation Project - Step 8 - Installation

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