No man-made product can match the natural beauty of real stone - the colors are extremely vivid and the look is very rich. The shine of natural stone is not the result of an applied finish - it comes from polishing with diamond abrasives, and polished granite will keep its high gloss virtually forever.

New Arrivals

African Rainbow
White Alpha
Jet Mist Honed
River White
Macaubas White
Dark Beauty
Himalayan White
Platinum Quartzite
Aspen White

Granite Products Line

Azul Platino Leather
Fantastic White
Green Park
Silver Cloud
White Persa
African Ivory
Bianco Antico
Blizzard Night
Colonial Delicatus
Colonial Gold
Cosmic Black
Costa Esmeralda Rose
Delicatus Cream
Delicatus Magnifico
Giallo Napoleone
Golden Crystal
Namib Cream
Nero Wave Leather
White Montecarlo
White Reef
White Thunder
Winter Valley
White Galaxy
Via Lactea
Absolute White