Symphonies allow composers to unleash their creativity, giving to the world some of the more transcendent musical works in existence. Symphony Stone has unleashed creativity in this new, engineered stone surface that offers the highest definition and clarity in every pattern. Unlike other engineered stones which can look blurry, Symphony Stone has clear, defined patterns and a visual depth and detail that mimics natural stone. It is simple, authentic and close to nature.

With a translucence equivalent to natural marble, the Symphony surfaces have better light reflection, brightness and clarity than any other engineered stone available.

Symphony offers the look of porcelain, the translucence of marble and the performance and affordability of quartz.

Symphony is the new science of engineered stone.

  • New raw material composition that dramatically reduces the amount of crystalline silica and incorporates recycled material
  • The latest digital printing technology
  • Low environmental impact


Symphony Stone Stands Out from other Engineered Stone

Nano Ink Technology

Under high temperature and high pressure, Nano Ink Technology penetrates into the surface of the stone delivering authenticity of color and pattern. Nanotechnology injects the ink up to 1 mm into the surface delivering authenticity of color and pattern while vastly improving stability of colors. It has a deep 3D effect and improved resistance to scratches.

Easy to Fabricate

Fabricated using traditional quartz surfacing processing techniques. No specific procedures required. Mitering is recommended in Symphony surfaces.

Lasting Color

Color remains unchanged and stable over time. Superior light reflection over other engineered stones with better brightness and clarity of colors. Non-yellowing white backgrounds.

High Definition

Unsurpassable high-definition sharpness of print with neat lines which are clean and impeccably delineated. Symphony surfaces are free from visible grains in the particulate.

Deep Translucent Color

Supreme authenticity in appearance without compromise. Unparalleled visual depth of patterns perfectly imitating nature with an equivalent translucency to real marble.

True Natural Beauty

Amazing light reflection, color brightness, deep visual strength and high definition in every pattern create realistic details for a natural appearance replicating the beauty of marble.

Symphony Stone Qualities

UV Light
Easy Maintenance
Highly Sanitary
No Sealing
Interior Use Only

Symphony surfaces are environmentally responsible following the 4Rs

Reduce uses less than 20% crystalline silica
Reuse recycling nearly 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process
Recycle recycled materials such as glass are incorporated into the manufacturing materials
Respect lower environmental impact. Up to 70% reduction in respirable crystalline silica compared to traditional quartz surfaces.

Symphony stone can be used anywhere you would use quartz:

kitchen countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops and bar tops. It is as versatile and easy to care for as quartz, but with the look of porcelain.